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Investigating the Travel and Tourism Industry with the use of Sociology and Geography. Available as a fast track iGCSE course for year 11's and 12's.

iGCSE Business Studies

Students will study a range of range/selection of authors that include pre 1914 authors and a non- English writer. You will study extracts from their  written texts as well as exploring the social and historical contexts of the relevant authors.

The developments and changes to the English Language from the Romans to the present. This course covers
the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Chaucer, Shakespeare and Modern English.

Student will study a Shakespearean play focusing on the language, plot, characters, setting and themes.

Year 11 Language and Literature for examination in June 2016.

This module includes information about the course, online homework tests and homework information, documents and texts to aid with the studying of IELTS.


  • Analyse WutheringHeights